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Endorsement Deals!

January 29, 2018


so, good news from AG HQ, I’ve just agreed some endorsement deals with Duesenberg Guitars, playing one of their Starplayer TV Phonic guitars, they’re awesome, smooth and soulful when clean and crunchy and vibey when overdriven.. they sound great and I can’t wait to let you hear them on the upcoming tour dates and future recordings I’ve got planned.

I also, signed a deal with St Blues Guitars in Memphis, who make amongst other things, these really cool Cigar Box guitars.. you can actually do so much with them, even with only 4 strings.. and I’m looking forward to playing this also on these gigs..

you can hear me try it out for the first time here!

check the gigs page for all the dates and would love to meet some of you out there!

Andy  x

Too Many Guitars To Give Up Now

December 8, 2017

Hey y’all

so we have 2nd Feb 2018 as the release date for new album ‘Too Many Guitars To Give Up Now’. We’ve been working really hard on the release and there are lots of exciting things in the pipeline, gigs across the UK, radio sessions and music videos too!

Head over to the gig page, see if we’re playing near you and come to a show, you’d be most welcome. I can’t wait to share this new music with you and the band I’ve put together for these dates has really put things on another level.

The album will be available to stream / download or to own on CD from 2 Feb but you can also pre order it on iTunes and Google Play from 18/12/17 for a reduced price and get 4 tracks early to whet your appetite!

Hope you all have a good Christmas and New Year when it comes!

All the best

Andy x


New Album and Tour!

September 24, 2017

Hi guys,

Exciting news here at AG HQ, we have a new album in the bag, called ‘Too Many Guitars To Give Up Now’, recorded over 2 days near Edinburgh.. It came out really great and has an earthy, live feel. More news on that to follow, but fortuitously, just as we finished recording, I’ve was asked to go on a 2 week tour of Scotland supporting Malcolm Bruce (son of rock royalty Jack Bruce). It starts on 28 Sept and you can get all the dates and tickets here

So, please check it out, get your tickets and hopefully see you somewhere out there on the road!

Andy x