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Highlight Reel

January 13, 2019

So here’s a condensed video of our musical theatre show ‘From T-Bone To Trucks’ from last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Despite all the challenges we managed to create a great show and capture some cool footage shown in the video below, amazing really considering we only had ten minutes to set the whole band and film crew up, insane but that’s the fringe for you!

We’re working on an expanded version for this year, performing less shows but in a bigger venue, Stramash in the Cowgate 4th, 11th and 18th Aug 1pm. Really looking forward to it, it was a labour of love and funded by disability benefits but I couldn’t think of anything better to spend them on!

Hope you enjoy our ode to the masters of electric blues guitar (and one of my own songs to show you how I’ve tried to absorb these influences and find my own voice within this music)…