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Endorsement Deals!

January 29, 2018


so, good news from AG HQ, I’ve just agreed some endorsement deals with Duesenberg Guitars, playing one of their Starplayer TV Phonic guitars, they’re awesome, smooth and soulful when clean and crunchy and vibey when overdriven.. they sound great and I can’t wait to let you hear them on the upcoming tour dates and future recordings I’ve got planned.

I also, signed a deal with St Blues Guitars in Memphis, who make amongst other things, these really cool Cigar Box guitars.. you can actually do so much with them, even with only 4 strings.. and I’m looking forward to playing this also on these gigs..

you can hear me try it out for the first time here!

check the gigs page for all the dates and would love to meet some of you out there!

Andy  x