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September 25, 2018

Well that’s the Fringe by and I’m so chuffed as the T-Bone show, turned out to be a real success, the whole weeks run was SOLD OUT! I can hardly believe it myself..
So, I’d like to thank here everyone that came to see us, those that worked so hard on it, the musicians, Aimee our visuals and marketing person and all the friends who pitched in and did whatever it took to make the show happen. It was a lot of work but totally worth it, it was our homage to all the greats that have inspired us and lit a fire in the world of music, The blues had a baby and they named it Rock ‘n’ Roll!
Some of the reviews left were like these –

A fantastic show! Andy’s natural ability on guitar absolutely nails all the Guitarists He’s tipping His hat to 100%!! – Definitely A “MUST SEE” – You won’t be disappointed, 10/10 from Me!

We’ve actually run out of superlatives, what can I say that hasn’t been said previously? Andy is a consummate blues man, living and breathing the Blues. It runs through his veins. His ability to play in the styles of the legends is matched by his own musical and composing talents. If you get the chance then go listen to Andy…you’ll come away feeling uplifted, smiling, overawed and wanting more. Brilliant!

So, we’re definitely looking to take this show on the road and if anyone knows any bookers, send them this way! We’re working on a highlight reel of the show which should be ready any day, watch this space ..

In other news, the Gunndog has a new album in pipeline, something different, still bluesy but much more open, experimental and singer songwriter based.. exciting times ahead, thank you all for your support x

From T-Bone To Trucks

August 9, 2018

well, we’ve been super busy working hard putting this musical show together for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. It’s my tribute to all my musical heroes of electric blues guitar featuring an 8 piece band, narrator and a film to be projected behind us, so all in all it’s going to be a really special run of shows!

Recently we went into a studio in Edinburgh and with a film crew, recorded the entire show. There’s a playlist of it here.

Or have a sneak peak at my personal favourite, the Jimi Hendrix part of it.. If you’re in Edinburgh come along (tickets here), or subscribe to the channel, to be notified when the videos of the show are posted later on..

Such a cool thing to be part of!

Andy  x

Radio Sessions & Video Premiere

February 6, 2018

Hi guys,

so I’ve just done some radio sessions for BBC Radio Scotland, a piece about my life and journey, if you’d like to know more about me, this is a good place to start. John, the presenter plays a few tracks from the new album too.

Then I was also featured on Paul Jone’s Blues Show on Radio 2 which was great, he’s a fabulous supporter of the music and we’re grateful to him!

We also just got a video premiere of ‘Warm Heart Blue’ with The Telegraph with a nice little piece about me too, which you can see here –

And so check for tickets to the shows a or to buy the CD!

It’s all happening! 🙂